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"Psychotic Break" is a short (21:16) fictional narrative film written and directed by Andrew Serban. The film recently screened at the Kansas City FilmFest (formerly Kansas City Filmmakers Jubilee) in Kansas City, MO and the Queens World Film Festival at the Museum of the Moving Image (MoMI) in NYC.  The film was recently nominated for Best Narrative Short and Best Lead Actress (Fawn Johnstin) at the Blow-up International Arthouse Film Fest in Chicago.  The screenplay was a semifinalist in the 2015 Screencraft Short Screenplay Contest.




Struggling 20-something writer Gwen craves her successful older sister’s love and approval after her essay on the Rwandan genocide is accepted for publication, but when her sister brutally trashes her accomplishment, Gwen spirals into madness — losing not only her hold on reality but her very identity as a woman of conscience.




Fawn Johnstin (Gwen), Rory Byrne (her sister Nikki), Craig Thomas Rivela (male Cop), Jayne Nicoletti (female Cop), Rob Byrnes (Rough-looking Man), Steve Arons (Schlomo), Hank Morris (the neighbor Gladys), Gina Priano  (Abusive Woman) and Alan Tavarez (Abusive Man).




Andrew Serban (writer, director, editor, producer), Eline Leslie Meier (producer, 1st ad), Nathan Lim (producer), Rita Mattioli (producer), Mircea Moruzan (dp), Yura Makarov (1st ac), Elliott Cuff (sound), Kris Hamperl (pa) and Davyana San Miguel (pa); music is by Kevin MacLeod.


Director's Statement


"Psychotic Break" tells the story of an idealistic young woman who plunges into the abyss. The film is intended to be a warning that even a principled person can succumb to the primal forces lurking under the veneer of "civilization" -- and in the depths of the human psyche.


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